Book 1 ~ Love's Rescue

A tomboy tries to become the perfect Southern belle in order to win her father's approval of the man she loves

Set in 1850 Key West, this rousing adventure sets sail on the treachurous high seas with life-shattering secrets and heart-melting romance.

Keys of Promise series:



A grieving daughter leaves all she's ever known to join her fiance in Key West. Unbeknownst to her, he is forced to break their engagement. 

His letter does not arrive before she departs. 

Book 3 ~ Freedom's Price

An orphaned English heiress seeks fortune and family in America. Before she can claim either, she must get past the plantation overseer, who has designs on her and her inheritance.

She relies on a brash wrecker, whose quest for revenge could threaten everything she has fought to gain.

Christian Historical Romance





Book 2 ~ Honor Redeemed

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